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Acronym for Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which refers to an organization that acts as a meeting ground for thirty countries which believe strongly in the free market system,


The elimination or reduction of a current long or short position by making a transaction with the same security in the opposite direction.

Online Broker

A brokerage that provides trading services to its clients over the Internet.

Open Market Operation

The buying and selling of government securities by a central bank (i.e. the Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S.)

Open P&L

The sum of profit and loss from all your open positions.


The right, but not the obligation, to buy (call) or sell (put) a specific amount of a given stock, commodity, currency, index or debt at a specified price (the strike price) during a specified period of time.

Order Book

A computerized register of buy and sell orders for assets.


Over-the-Counter – a security which is not traded on an exchange.

Out-of the Money

A call option whose strike price is higher than the market price of the underlying, or a put option whose strike price is lower than the market price of the underlying.


A deal from today until the next business day.