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Maintenance Margin

Maintenance, also referred to as “minimum maintenance” or “maintenance requirement”, refers to the absolute minimum amount of equity that an investor must maintain in their margin account at all times.


Margin is a good faith deposit that a trader puts up as collateral to hold a position. The amount of margin that the trader puts up determines his leverage.

Margin Call

A demand for additional funds to be deposited in a margin account to meet margin requirements because of adverse price movements.

Margin Level

Shows how close your account is to a margin call. Calculated as Equity or Initial Margin and shown in percentages. When the Margin level drops below 100%, you will not be able to open new positions. If the drop is to 50%, all open positions will be closed and the working order will be automatically …

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Market Maker

A brokerage or bank that maintains a firm bid and ask price in a given security by standing ready, willing, and able to buy or sell at publicly quoted prices.

Market Order

A buy or sell order in which the broker is to execute the order at the best price currently available. Also known as at the market.

Market Sentiment

The prevailing viewpoint of investors toward a particular security.