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Back Office

The administrative functions at a brokerage that support the trading of securities, including trade confirmation and settlement, record keeping, and regulatory compliance.


The amount of money in an account. Represents the value of your account excluding P&L from currently open positions. Basically the balance equals the funds you added to your account and your profit and loss from closed positions. An account statement will be able to provide the balance as well as the full record of …

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Balance Of Trade

A country’s exports minus its imports; the largest component of a country’s balance of payments.

Bank Holiday

The temporary closing of a bank in the event that its obligations exceed its resources.

Bank Note

A non-interest-bearing promissory note of a Federal Reserve Bank which is payable to the bearer on demand and can be used as cash.

Bank Rate

The interest rate charged by a bank for loans.

Base Currency

The first currency appearing in a currency pair quotation.

Basis Trading

An arbitrage strategy usually consisting of the purchase of a particular security and the sale of a similar security (often the purchase of a security and the sale of a corresponding futures contract).


An investor who believes that a security, a sector, or the overall market is about to fall. opposite of bull.

Bear Market

A prolonged period in which investment prices fall, accompanied by widespread pessimism. If the period of falling stock prices is short and immediately follows a period of rising stock prices, it is instead called a correction. Bear markets usually occur when the economy is in a recession and unemployment is high, or when inflation is …

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